Notes for Healthy Kids

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About the book
Rujuta also calls out the food industry for targeted and misleading advertisements, as well as policymakers for failing to protect the interests of our children. On the practical side, the book combines the latest in nutrition science with the time-tested wisdom of our grandmothers, and offers easy-to-follow advice for all aspects of a child’s life. Includes food guidelines for: Age-group 0-15 years | School days | Holidays | Parties | Sports | Obesity | Low immunity | Diabetes | Fatty liver | Frequent illnesses and much more.
Table of contents


Part 1 The Bigger Picture


Chapter 1 For Parents — Beyond Food Confusion

Chapter 2 For Kids — Making Right Food Decisions


Chapter 3 For Parents — Lead by Example

Chapter 4 For Kids — Keep Moving


Part 2a — Age-Wise

Part 2b — Occasion-Wise

Part 2c — Health Issues/ NCDs

Part 2d — Frequent illnesses: Quick Pointers

Epilogue: A Manifesto for a Healthy Future

Appendix What, When and How to Eat 


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